Your Ideal Weight

Here is a chart with the ideal weight according to your height, frame type, gender and age group. To determine your frame type place your thumb and index fingers around the wrist of the other hand. If the thumb and index fingers overlap you fall under small frame category. If the thumb index finger just touch you have a medium frame, and if they do not reach you have a large frame. At the bottom of the Chart you can see how to figure out your weight in Feet/Pounds or Meters/Kilos. This ideal weight is based on averages. Individual factors such as heredity and health conditions may influence your ideal weight. Please consult your doctor for a detailed evaluation.


2 to 4 Lb (1 to 2 Kg)

in 1 week

4 to 8 Lb (2 to 4 Kg)

in 2 weeks

8 to 16 Lb (4 to 8 Kg)

in 4 weeks

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