ShapePATCH is not a “miracle” method to lose weight...

It is a scientifically proven product that for many years has been used to lose weight and because it really works is why it remains in the market since 1993. Please read more about it and to find out why it is so different from other products to lose weight.

Natural Weight Loss Patch by Shape Patch

If you are concerned about weight loss chances are...

that by now you have heard about several products and systems to lose weight that promise amazing results. And chances are as well that you might be a part of the 95% of people that have lost weight one way or the other only to regain all the weight they lost, or even more.

Actually, anyone can lose weight by dieting, using pills, patches or exercising. The problem, and what at the end is most important, is to keep that weight off.

Natural Weight Loss Patch by Shape Patch

ShapePATCH works different

Yes! ShapePATCH works differently than any other weight loss product. It works exclusively by controlling the appetite in a natural way until the body gets used to eating less. This is why even if 
you continue eating all kinds of food you like, you will be eating 
less of it.

When you eat less you will reach a point that your calorie intake is in balance with your body daily requirements and your new weight will remain stable.

More effective than other methods Natural Weight Loss Patch by Shape Patch

The weight loss products that come in form of capsules, pills, powder or liquid, even if they contain effective ingredients, will lose part of their properties when processed by stomach acids. With ShapePATCH the active ingredients go directly into the body through the skin and begin to control the appetite right away.
You can continue eating the food you like most but a few hours after you put the ShapePATCH on you will feel like you have already eaten something and it makes you eat less. Less food means less calories and that's why you lose weight.

Exercise vs body weightNatural Weight Loss Patch by Shape Patch

Physical exercise, even if it is a light one as walking, is important for a good health and physical condition. We recommend it as part of your daily routine after consulting with your doctor. But talking specifically about losing weight it is more convenient to use ShapePATCH than exercise to reach that goal.
This is why. To burn-out the calories from a slice of Pizza with Pepperoni (250 calories) you would need to walk 29 minutes, run 8 minutes, swin 13 minutes or ride bicycle for 15 minutes. As you can see it is more convenient to use ShapePATCH that will make you eat less Pizza than to burn-out the same amount of calories by exercising.

Quantity of weight you can loss Natural Weight Loss Patch by Shape Patch

When you begin to use ShapePATCH you can reduce 1 to 2 Kg. (2 to 4 Lbs) a week and you should continue using it until you reach your ideal weight.

The other good thing when using ShapePATCH is that you get used to eat less and after some time you reach a point that calories intake match your daily requirements and that way you will keep your “new” weight off. 

Some persons reach that level in 60 days or less after using ShapePATCH. Other will require more time depending on the total weight they want to reduce and the appetite they can control.

ShapePATCH is an unique weight loss product backed by professional clinical studies...

Study proves that ShapePATCH is safe and effective for children 6-12 years of age!

The award winning study named "Evaluation of the Treatment of Obesity in School-Age Children with Patch-Technology" conducted by the Sieff Hospital, Israel, under direction of Drs. V. Weisntein, M. Gershoni and A. Luder, proved the use of ShapePATCH as safe and effective for children 6-12 years of age. This study was one of the 20 studies selected to be presented in a Pediatric Congress held in Israel in February 2005.

Study made in the United Kingdom confirms that ShapePATCH is effective in 90% of cases

A study was made by the famed British laboratory Reading Scientific Services Limited, Reading, UK with 110 participant ages 25 to 70 years that wanted to lose at least 14 pounds (6.3 Kg.). From the 103 people that completed the study, 48 received ShapePATCH and 55 received a placebo. The total weight loss of those using ShapePATCH was significantly higher (90%) than those using the placebo. This study last for 30 days.

As per study made by Canadian physician ShapePATCH made lose 1 Kg. per week, average

Another study was conducted by Dr. Patrice L'Ecuyer, MD, PHD, in Canada, with 88 participant ages 26 to 48 years, 68 of them were women. All of the participants were between 10 and 30% over their healthy weight. Average weight loss on those using ShapePATCH was 1 Kg. (2.2 Lbs) per week. This physician supervised study was conducted for 60 days and none of the participants were on a diet during the test period.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off don't waste time and money. Go the sure way.
Use ShapePATCH: America's #1 Weight Loss Patch!

2 to 4 Lb (1 to 2 Kg)

in 1 week

4 to 8 Lb (2 to 4 Kg)

in 2 weeks

8 to 16 Lb (4 to 8 Kg)

in 4 weeks

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